Thursday, April 20, 2006

Kommunikation in der Beziehung

Interessantes Argument: Nicht Langeweile sondern die vermehrte Kommunikation, bzw Diskussion über die eigene Beziehung führt zu neuen Formen des Zusammenseins.
Never let it be said that these new monogamists don’t know how to articulate their desires. In fact, their loquaciousness goes a long way toward explaining how and why they do it like they do: We’re living in an age of unprecedented emphasis on “communication” in relationships. (Yep, one more thing to blame on your shrink.) Thousands of books detail how couples should communicate their wants/needs/desires/pet peeves to one another. Not happy? Communicate your concerns. Bored with your sex life? Communicate your fantasies. Had an affair? Communicate your fuckup. The result of this communication-bingeing is that negotiation is starting to trump discretion. A man is copping a feel because his partner says he can, not because her back is turned. But he’s still copping a feel. (New York)
Ziemlich interessant ist auch das dazugehörige Vokabular.

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