Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Warner Bros. versucht sich an BitTorrent

Das Preislevel von $1 hört sich vernünftig an, obwohl ich $0.50 angemessener finde. Daß das ganze nicht ohne DRM auskommt wundert nicht, fragt sich nur wie restriktiv das wird, wie die Qualität ist, und wie es mit der Portabilität aussieht, d.h. kann ich die Folgen brennen und auf anderen Computern anschauen oder auf ein Mobile-Device übertragen und kann ich Sicherheitskopien brennen? Und natürlich die wichtigste aller Fragen: Wäre sowas auch aus Deutschland zu beziehen?

In a sign that Hollywood is trying to adapt to a technology it long feared, Time Warner Inc.'s Warner Bros. is expected to announce that it will sell and rent movies and television shows online using BitTorrent Inc.'s peer-to-peer technology.


Expected to launch this summer, Warner's service will sell and rent movies and television shows the same day they are released on DVD. Releases will include newer titles such as "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" as well as library titles including "The Matrix." TV shows will include "Babylon 5" and "Dukes of Hazzard." The content will have heavy-duty security features so they can't be pirated.


Prices haven't yet been determined, but they could be less than physical DVDs. "We're working with a user base that is accustomed to not paying for content," said Ashwin Navin, president and co-founder of BitTorrent, who says TV shows might sell for as little as $1. (WSJ)

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