Friday, September 16, 2005

The Curse of the Jade Scorpion

habe die woche 'The Curse of the Jade Scorpion' gesehen von und mit Woody Allen, mit Helen Hunt in der weiblichen hauptrolle. ziemlich lustiger film, Woody Allen meets Film Noir oder so. besonders lustig ist dieser dialog. scheint wie ein spoiler, ist es aber nicht wirklich.

C.W. Briggs: What is this?

Betty Ann Fitzgerald: I was... browsing through your bookshelf, and I found this deck of naked playing cards and these.

C.W. Briggs: This is-- What do you-- This is-- This is the Kensington jewels. This is the-- This is the Dillworth jewels and the-- the-- This is-- What are you-- What are you looking at me like that for? Because you found them in amongst my collection of female art studies? What is the implication here? I used to go with the six of spades. Then the four of diamonds caught us together and there was a--

Betty Ann Fitzgerald: I was aware that you sneaked up mysteriously to the office in the middle of the night... and the lobby guard saw you. I know you have Laura Kensington's stocking, and she swears... you kicked her out of bed to take care of sudden business, which your super corroborates. They have a footprint, a matchbook with your fingerprint, and still I believed that you didn't do it. But now the actual stolen property turns up hidden in your bedroom.

C.W. Briggs: So what are you saying? This makes you suspicious of me?

Betty Ann Fitzgerald: I was actually a bit touched that you stayed up all night watching over me. I began to think, 'Maybe he's not the scummy little vermin he seems to be.'

C.W. Briggs: I may be a scummy vermin, but I'm an honest scummy vermin. I didn't take these jewels.

Betty Ann Fitzgerald: How can you deny it? You've been caught red-handed.

C.W. Briggs: Yes, I-- What-- I'm-- I grant you, there's a fingerprint of me, and they have a footprint, and the jewels are in my bedroom. This I give you. I'm starting to think I'm in tremendous trouble here.

Betty Ann Fitzgerald: I'm calling the police.

C.W. Briggs: No. Will you forget about logic and give me the benefit of the doubt?

Betty Ann Fitzgerald: Ha! That makes me an accessory.

C.W. Briggs: Not if I'm innocent.

Betty Ann Fitzgerald: You don't have a kosher bone in your body.

C.W. Briggs: That's exactly why you get yourselves into these problems. That's why Magruder's waiting for you, right? You make all the wrong decisions 'cause you make 'em here [touches head], not here [points to heart] Decisions made here [head] are not as reliable as here [heart] because this [head] is gray cells and this [heart] is blood, and blood circulates through the body. It gets around. It knows what the score is. But up here, gray cells just lay there and think.

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