Tuesday, September 27, 2005

citizen journalism

um nochmal aufzugreifen, was ich vorher in einem comment hierzu gepostet habe und scrooligan wie ich gerade bemerkt habe auch schon kommentiert hat eine äußerung von arianna huffington, die vor einigen monaten the huffington post gestartet hat in
wired, das interview ist ein wenig kurz, aber interessant, hier nur die erste frage:

Wired News: You don't pull punches when discussing the state of media today. What's wrong with it?

Arianna Huffington: The problem isn't that the stories I care about aren't being covered, it's that they aren't being covered in the obsessive way that breaks through the din of our 500-channel universe. Because those 500 channels don't mean we get 500 times the examination and investigation of worthy news stories. It often means we get the same narrow, conventional-wisdom wrap-ups repeated 500 times. Paradoxically, in these days of instant communication and 24-hour news channels, it's actually easier to miss information we might otherwise pay attention to. That's why we need stories to be covered and re-covered and re-re-covered and covered again -- until they filter up enough to become part of the cultural bloodstream. As for improving the quality of journalism, we must (find) ways to give mainstream journalism what it most desperately needs: a spine transplant.

aber wenn man schon über citizen journalism spricht, muß man natürlich auch den großmeister nennen: dan gillmor.

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