Saturday, December 24, 2005

The New Media Audience

it's all about the conversation. eine erfahrung, die nicht geteilt werden kann, entfaltet nicht ihren potentiellen wert. interessante studie.

The report reflects the immense tech-savviness of the upcoming generation of consumers and audiences.

It shows how young people are dissolving the traditional barriers between mainstream and homemade media. The message to content providers is stark.

Mainstream media is already responding to adults who want to have more power over their multimedia content, enjoying it when they want to, where they want to.

But traditional media companies needed to rethink their relationship with this powerful emerging audience, said Mr Rainie.

'These teens would say that the companies that want to provide them entertainment and knowledge should think of their relationship with teens as one where they are in a conversational partnership, rather than in a strict producer-consumer, arms-length relationship,' he said. (BBC NEWS )

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